Get there in style

JasiRide is the fastest and most comfortable way to get around in Lagos. Select vehicle type hop-in and get there.

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App Features

Request a ride

Enter pickup and destination address to request for a ride.

Ride with driver

Enjoy a comfortable ride with the driver. Our drivers are expereinced and professional.


Pay with cash or pay with debit card. Also rate the driver.

Travel Around

JasiRide has made it easy to move around with friends and family.

Select Vehicle

Make a choice of vehicle. Request for a car, suv or bus. All vehicles are classic and comfortable.

Best pricing

Very affordable. Enjoy free rides and also very discounted trip fare.

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Drivers Features

JasiRide have you covered from the begining to the end of your trip

Accept Request

Stay online to receive ride requests. Accept a rider's request when it hits your phone.

Complete Trip

Take the rider to his destination address and end the trip once the rider is satisfied.

Earn Cash

You now have an extra income. Riders do either cash or card payment.

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Fleet App Features

Do you have more multiple cars? Don't worry, manage all your vechiles from our console.

Create Drivers

Create drivers information using the app, drivers will be assigned to you.

Manage Drivers

Manage all your drivers, view transactions, locations, activities etc.

View Earnings

View drivers daily and weekly earnings, earnings are splitted into cash and card payments.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What type of vehicle do you accept?

JasiRide accepts cars, suvs and buses. The vehicle must be in good condition and have AC.

JasiRide accepts vehicles from year 2002 and upward.

No. However, it is recommended that your vehicle is insured.

You need a GPS enabled android phone with OS 4.4 and above, pefereably OS 5.0.

JasiRide takes 10% of your weakly earnings?

Your weekly earnings will be paid into the bank account you provided on registration.

Earn more driving, keep 90% of the fees

JasiRide is an easy to use ride sharing application. We accept cars, suvs and buses. Live the life you desire while making more money with JasiRide

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